Welcome to my World

I thought I’d create a blog to share some of my general stupid thoughts I often had and just document some of my memorable experiences as they happen, Twitter and Facebook are fine but I feel something less constricted by word counts and formatting is a much better way to do this.

A little intro or “about me” post if you will. My names Gary, I’m a 24 year old estate agent currently living in Miami but I plan to move to New York in the next year as I’m kind of sick of the area I live in (although the beaches are damn nice!).
I enjoy my job occasionally, there’s nothing like closing a big sale and feeling like a king, but then the dry spouts are devastating especially when my salary is partly commission based.

Hmm, what else can I tell you? I recently split up with a girl I had been seeing for almost 4 years which was a bit of a downer I won’t lie, but the past couple of weeks have been much easier and I’ve been on a couple of dates with some great girls and one mental case (I might blog about that particular date later…you’re hooked to my blog now aren’t you!).

In my spare time I do the usual guy stuff, watch football with the guys, play guitar, read some books and like a good drink now and again. Oh I’m also a massive film and television fan, love shows like The Wire, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, you know the ones.

So that’s a few things about me and where I’m at. I’ll keep the blog updated as often as I can but no promises as I often forget I even have some of these accounts…but let’s find out!

Thanks for reading :)